Strengthening the world’s most vulnerable women and their communities

Diar Foundation is a non-profit organization which collaborates with volunteers to deliver humanitarian aid and disaster relief to vulnerable communities around the world.

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Diar means women in Dinka – the language of our founder.  Our mission is to strengthen the women and children of South Sudan and Uganda through education, farming, small businesses, and supportive networks.

The Problems We Face

Results from the Civil War, and constant violence, in addition to the spread of Covid have left South Sudan and Uganda in poverty and conflict.
– Violence and Crime
– Ethnic, Racial and Gender Inequality
– Widowed women without skills to be a provider
– Extreme levels of hunger
– Lack of health services
– Children without the ability to attend school
– Teenage girls dropping out of school
– Girls being sold into marriage
– Orphan children

Diar Foundation Programs

Improve Self-Sufficiency

At our farm schools, women learn to grow crops to feed themselves and their families. These women are given a plot of land, seeds, and taught how to reap and sow their crops as not only a food supply for themselves and their family but also as a small business to sell excess yield at local markets as well as trading for other goods.

Teach Skills

Our education classes teach literacy, basic numeracy, hygiene, and nutrition. Local teachers bring this classroom education to our women and children to prepare them for life, as well as advance them to other areas of our programs such as small business education and financial policy.

Foster Independence

Our foundation supports women as they start their own small businesses. Women benefitting from the Diar Foundation participate in programs such as our seed program, pig breeding program, as well as other programs birthed from the personal goals and ideas of our women participants themselves.

6 Tips For Better Giving

Experience and resources are never necessary to make a big difference, and even the smallest donation or time commitment can help. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you give with your head as well as your heart.

Violence and Crime

Think beyond dollars

If you don’t have a lot of money, there are other ways to support a cause. Volunteering can be an option, especially for local charities.

Focus on the mission

Make sure a nonprofit has an easy-to-understand mission that aligns with your principles and beliefs. You can look up charities by category, size, and location.

Decide on method of support

What kind of impact do you want to have on the charity? Do you want to be an anonymous donor, organize events, or take on an even greater role?

Get the facts

Dig deeper to find a nonprofit that meets your requirements. Pay attention to most relevant to nonprofit performance factors —results, transparency, and leadership.

Trust your instincts

If you have concerns about a charity, don’t contribute. Instead, find another nonprofit that does similar work but makes you feel more comfortable.

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