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Meet Diar


Our mission is to strengthen the war survivors, women, children, refugees and immigrants most vulnerable women and their communities. The Diar Foundation seeks to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged women in Africa and America. We seek to enhance their wellness, independence, and self-sufficiency. We continue to provide our communities in Colorado United States, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda an environment in which they will be equipped to cultivate their awareness and expand their future opportunities. This is accomplished by our use of a variety of innovative and effective educational tools and strategies. Through education, farming, small businesses, and supportive networks.

Help us change the world

Help us strengthen the world’s most vulnerable women and their communities

The Problems We Face

Results from the Civil War, and constant violence, in addition to the spread of Covid have left South Sudan and Uganda in poverty and conflict.
– Violence and Crime
– Ethnic, Racial and Gender Inequality
– Widowed women without skills to be a provider
– Extreme levels of hunger
– Lack of health services
– Children without the ability to attend school
– Teenage girls dropping out of school
– Girls being sold into marriage
– Orphan children

Diar Logo Description

The logo is a representation of the Diar foundation’s vision and mission and our founder’s story of being a war survivor, their experiences during the wars, and her yearning for a better place to live. Yearning for a better place in life is exactly what people do; people need to reach their full potential and thrive in the case of someone experiencing refugee life, displacement, and homelessness, they first need to have their most basic human needs met reliably every day. The logo has three significant symbols, namely, the Tree, the Sun, and the Bricks wall.