Youth Resilience and Empowerment Programs.

Kids Doing Activities

Youth resilience and inclusion play a critical role and saving and building sustainable growth among youths and in the community. Both young men and women who are in school and out of school are involved in skill-building and educational activities through the Diar Foundation. we partner with community leaders and secondary schools to enroll youths across the communities we serve.

Some of our activities for the youth include;
• Youth resilience and business group formation after the youth graduate from our TVET center.
• Technical vocational and business skills training.
• SRHR youth education.
• rehabilitation center to help improve the lives of youth with disabilities and ensure their inclusion.
• peacebuilding and conflict resolution.


The objective of our youth resilience and empowerment program is to equip young individuals with essential life skills, education, and mentorship fostering their personal growth, resilience, and the ability to positively impact their communities.