Diar Foundation and Farm Fresh Foundation

Serving an International Community in Colorado
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Colorado is home to over 60,000 refugees. Since 2012, our team has worked to respond to the direct needs of this community as they navigate a completely new life.

Every family we serve has a unique story, steadfast courage, and resilience to survive and rebuild their lives here in Colorado State.

The community we serve

A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee their country because of persecution, war, or violence.

An estimated 60,000 people who have fled their home countries now call Colorado home. They came to this country as refugees, and from the day they arrived, they were challenged to forge a new life, pay rent within the first few months of arrival, adapt to a new culture, learn English, and navigate complex networks of public services and administration. The very first thing a refugee owns upon entering the USA is debt: They all must reimburse the cost of their plane tickets, a substantial financial burden, especially for large families.

Before arriving in Colorado, our participants lived all over the world. We serve refugees from over 30 countries who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds and bring unique skills and perspectives to our community.

Our Refugees Programs

Started as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of our refugee neighbors in 2012, we have grown to offer six programs and services.

Poultry farming  

Diar Foundation is in Partnership with Fresh Farm Foundation. The Project will contribute to empowering the refugee women, youth, and disadvantaged people in Colorado through increasing the IGA (Income Generating Activities) with an overall objective to sustain and improve the livelihoods of 3000 women, men, and youth refugees and host communities grouped in groups through smallholder production of chicken and farming activities.   

The project will support beneficiaries, especially women to increase their income and secure their revenue, by focusing on supporting their families and enhancing their income opportunities in the poultry farming business. 

Description of the Problem Being Solved 

For the past 4 years of pandemic issues, Colorado has experienced high levels of unemployment where a number of the youth are unemployed. The government and private sector have come up with a few strategies to try to mitigate youth unemployment such as skilling the youth, youth livelihood, education, operation wealth creation, Infrastructural development, and others. Despite all these undertakings, youth unemployment has continued to rise. It is likely that if this challenge is not taken care of, it will manifest in underdevelopment, higher levels of poverty, high crimes, and drug abuse among the youth.  

History of Partnership

Diar Foundation and Fresh Farm Foundation have been partnering since 2022 running Foundations for Farming training courses in various locations in Uganda, South Sudan, and now in Colorado.


Initially, the beneficiaries will be refugee families who will be able to generate income to improve their family’s livelihood but hopefully, at a later date, this project will spread to involve more families in other cities.  

What We Like About the Partnership

This partnership meets an urgent need amongst a desperate group of people. 

As a refugee herself, Karak Miakol is an ideal person to be able to educate these people and has a real love and concern for refugee people. 

Diar Foundation and Fresh Farm Foundation have reliable people and trusts living in the who can oversee the project on the ground.