Founder & President
Karak Miakol Denyok strives to build a positive and sustainable future for women and children in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and throughout Africa.
Over her 3 decade career as a human rights defender, she went from being a South Sudanese child of war in a refugee camp, to traveling the world raising millions of dollars, to receiving awards and fellowships, to starting a foundation of her own that has saved the lives of, empowered and educated thousands of women and their children.
It’s a life she could never have dreamed of when she was a child in a refugee camp, but she is just getting started.
She continues to use her voice to share her own personal stories of hardship, hope and opportunity. She speaks about the real, uncomfortable, inspiring and intense stories of her sisters in South Sudan.
Executive Director
Doug Keesling is our Executive Director, he is a fifth – generation farmer from Kansas with over thirty years’ experience in farming, agribusiness and agriculture policy. He has participated in nearly every aspect of the industry including involvement in state, national and international agricultural trade.
Director of Communications & Political Advocacy
Luis Zafra Franco takes care of our communications to the outside world.
He has a background in International Human Rights Law and has monitored human rights violations in the Arab Gulf with a special attention to the involvement of the United Kingdom in the Middle East and North Africa.
Creative Designer & Communications Assistant
Pier Veller is our creative designer and communications assistant. She has experience as a storyteller for nature and humanitarian groups.
Equipped with a Visual Communications degree and three internships at acclaimed South African film and advertising companies, Pier is an award-winning storyteller and internationally-recognized Loeries Finalist who now focuses her efforts on the rights of the most vulnerable.
Paul Ng is the Diar Foundation treasurer and a board member since 2016. His duties include overseeing the foundation’s finances and making sure that there are enough funds to pay all expenses, as well as looking into ways to raise more money. His other role is to file IRS reports and make sure we are okay with the laws of the country.
Head of Health Department + Grant Writer
Dr. Malarvizhi Jayakumar is a research specialist and education program advisor who helps us establish women and children health measures of disease prevention and rehabilitation. She brings critical oversight to Diar’s women’s empowerment programs and mental health on Gender Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence. She has developed protocols for mental health protection and psychological trauma while also supervising Master students research activity in Diar.