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Our mission is to strengthen the war survivors, women, children, refugees and immigrants most vulnerable women and their communities. The Diar Foundation seeks to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged women in Africa and America. We seek to enhance their wellness, independence, and self-sufficiency. We continue to provide our communities in Colorado United States, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda an environment in which they will be equipped to cultivate their awareness and expand their future opportunities. This is accomplished by our use of a variety of innovative and effective educational tools and strategies. Through education, farming, small businesses, and supportive networks.

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Help us strengthen the world’s most vulnerable women and their communities

The Problems We Face

Results from the Civil War, and constant violence, in addition to the spread of Covid have left South Sudan and Uganda in poverty and conflict.
– Violence and Crime
– Ethnic, Racial and Gender Inequality
– Widowed women without skills to be a provider
– Extreme levels of hunger
– Lack of health services
– Children without the ability to attend school
– Teenage girls dropping out of school
– Girls being sold into marriage
– Orphan children

Diar Foundation


The Diar foundation is based on the conviction the paramount need of men/women/ Children both urban and rural is not relief but release from the prison of poverty, its focus is to promote the sociologist-economic conditions of the under-privileged, distillate landless, and economically poor people especially women through Organization, Education, Training, Participation, and joint activities.


Diar Foundation envisions a just compassionate and equitable world in which all people, regardless of their gender, class, age, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or physical ability-may live free of poverty, violence, and all forms of discrimination. Each person and all people are guaranteed their fundamental human rights – civil, cultural, economic, political, and social. Women everywhere have a voice, have choices, and are able to realize their full potential within their societies.


To play a leading role in advancing women’s, children, and youth rights by building their capacity and strengthens women’s and Youth groups around the world.


Builds awareness of the diversity within the communities, including diversity in the functioning of war survivors, violence and conflict, people with disabilities, older persons, and children.


Fosters more positive attitudes towards poor refugees, displaced and people with disabilities, and develops a greater understanding of human rights and the importance of equity so that no one is left behind when community development activities occur.


Focuses on local service systems, local resources, and local practical solutions to real barriers that exist for people living in poverty with respect to access to services and participation in society.