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"Transformative Tales: Inspiring Journeys of change and hope"
Happy Children In fields


Florence is the sole breadwinner of her family 9, her husband is always away and she has to take care of her children. before joining the program she farmed on a small scale in her backyard. She was one of the first group of women to join the Seeds of Gold program. she practiced everything she learned while still attending training she started to produce beans and sell them to the foundation to help other women get more seeds and also join. With the profit from selling 100kg out of the first 20kg that she received, she ventured into piggery, with the help of the Diar Foundation and her two-acre garden she is now ready to plant groundnuts. This was a great moment for Florence because groundnuts yield far more profit at the market.

I greatly happily welcome and thank the Diar Foundation for the great work done in our area which has created a greater impact on the women of the area. I distributed some of the bens to the other women in the group who were unable to receive because the Bible encourages that giving is a blessing.


Aganyire was a participant in our Seeds of Gold program in the Hoima district Uganda. She was generous enough to give some seeds to women, who later joined after hearing her testimony about her success. She tells our team that after graduating from the women empowerment program. She started by planting the 20kgs of bean seeds she was given, generating a profit of 300000shs from her first harvest. She saved money every Month and also she invested some in to begin her own pig project with 7 piglets. 6 years after her graduation, now she is in the process of building her own 2-bedroom house in her village and she is able to send her children to school.

Women in Fields

I cannot show my joy for the Diar Foundation, I thank the management of the Diar Foundation for its project of Seeds of Gold which has transformed the lives of women women in Hoima.

Sarah with Chlidrens


Sarah knows about the power of hope. She is a single mother who has suffered abuse and discrimination. Sarah was also born with a disability that limits her physically. She began her journey with the foundation in 2016 when she was brought in by a fellow participant. Sarah shared with our team her heart-felt feeling of belonging to a family of women who were being empowered. She had always felt neglected but as a member of the Diar Foundation, Sarah gained the skills, confidence, and support she needed to overcome these obstacles and be self-sufficient. She now runs a small school out of her home and lives by the motto: “If others can, why not me?”

After graduating from the Diar Foundation Sister Hood program. I felt inspired and empowered to start teaching young children in the community, most of these children do not go to school because their parents do not afford to educate them.

Mama Rose

Mama Rose started her journey with the Diar Foundation at the Yirol farm school in Lakes State, South Sudan she was first trained in baking and bread making then she also joined the women’s farm management trainees since her interests were in farming. she later graduated and started training other women who had just joined the program. she trains them on the proper ways of farm management and effective farming for good harvests. Now Mama Rose is the manager of the Yirol Farm schools and orphanage under the Diar Foundation.

Womens in fields

Am a pioneer of growing vegetables in Yirol county. Before Karak the founder of the Diar foundation introduced us to vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and okra, we used to only cook “Kudhra” that’s the only green vegetable we knew because it grew on its own sometimes in the bush, but now we plant many crops like millet, maize and vegetables in our Yirol farm school and we also sell them for profit.


Charles currently trains at the Diar Foundation Rumbek TVET center. He joined the youth empowerment program in 2018 as a student he learned the skills of tailoring and after graduation he was awarded a Business startup kit. Before joining the Foundation Charles narrates that he was unemployed with a family to take care of. His only source of income was daily hard work in the market where some days he didn’t even make any money. Now as a professional tailor, Charles makes beautiful kitenge dresses and repairs clothes for clients, and on the days he is at the TVET center training other students his wife takes over at the shop.

Charles with clothes
Thoughtful person

I’m so lucky to have been one of the youth to greatly benefit from the Diar Foundation Youth Empowerment and Youth Resilience program at the age of 25 years I had no source of income at all and my wife and children sometimes slept on an empty stomach. on my graduation day, I was gifted with a tailoring machine, pieces of wax cloth (kitenge), a table for ironing, an iron box, and others to mention a few. I started with training my wife and now we manage the business together and we take full care of our family.